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 WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09 Empty
PostSubject: WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09   WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:15 am

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09 Wwe-smackdown-results

Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Edge take on World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk & Jeff Hardy in a non-title match up. After what transpired at The Bash, how can Punk & Hardy possibly work together against the new champs?

At The Bash, Kane destroyed The Great Khali with a steel chair assault. On the same night, Rey Mysterio triumphed over Jericho to become new Intercontinental Champion. On SmackDown, these rivals go head-to-head. Who will prevail?

Click Links To Watch:

01: http://videos.sapo.pt/WrPe9A6RRcOyCz6O7Dgt
02: http://videos.sapo.pt/a262fu5fzgSlQZHvZsM0
03: http://videos.sapo.pt/HKj8SVoS0RIOKgavpVYN
04: http://videos.sapo.pt/lmbe1YZVMe2e03Nag6cK
05: http://videos.sapo.pt/12R1mHARvvBUGzEUpfSZ
06: http://videos.sapo.pt/oBt8fHyktVzrRiLqb7qw

01: https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x105db_WrestlingChampXV_friday-night-smackdown-3709

My Video:
1. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639506/...own_3_7_09_1_9
2. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639521/...own_3_7_09_2_9
3. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639542/...own_3_7_09_3_9
4. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639571/...own_3_7_09_4_9
5. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639588/...own_3_7_09_5_9
6. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639592/...own_3_7_09_6_9
7. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639610/...own_3_7_09_7_9
8. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639627/...own_3_7_09_8_9
9. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6639647/...own_3_7_09_9_9

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 03/07/09
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