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 TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09

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TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09 Empty
PostSubject: TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09   TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 12:32 pm

TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09 Logo

Tonights impact will definitely be worth a watch at some point in your wrestling week. The following is from the TNA website:

We’ll hear from still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and the members of the Main Event Mafia, who continued to dominate TNA Wrestling at the Pay-Per-View, with Kevin Nash capturing the Legends Title, Samoa Joe winning the X Championship and Booker T & Scott Steiner retaining the Tag Team gold!
Speaking of the Mafia, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is hellbent on getting revenge on Kurt Angle for what happened in Sunday’s main event. Can Matt Morgan and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle co-exist in TNA Wrestling?
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles has informed TNA Management that he plans to make a major announcement on Thursday night during the broadcast.
Thursday night will also feature the “iMPACT!” debut of TNA newcomer “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
We’ll hear from Angelina Love on the broadcast – not only about her title loss to ODB on Sunday, but about the apparent problems within the Beautiful People as well!
Plus, in Knockouts action, it will be Awesome Kong vs. Sarita vs. Christy Hemme vs. Traci

Click Links To Watch

1. http://videos.sapo.pt/BQyOlkEzClMFP0CL3HHC
2. http://videos.sapo.pt/oJ7bZoWEN1WEsTT9pVJt
3. http://videos.sapo.pt/bD4Dcb2UFskWu1r4nlgP
4. http://videos.sapo.pt/K30GQi8IuF2W4SJaFig6
5. http://videos.sapo.pt/gybTuokN5O9dLZFvq7gq

1. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14218...ust-20-2009--1
2. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14219...ust-20-2009--2
3. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14220...ust-20-2009--3
4. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14221...ust-20-2009--4
5. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14222...ust-20-2009--5
6. http://www.yousportz.com/video/14223...ust-20-2009--6

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TNA iMPACT! 20/08/09
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